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This type of coupling is well known as super elastic. It consists of two shaft flanges with clampingring and arubber Tyre. Spacers are available too. Easy set alignment and replacement of element.


The Tyre coupling is used in the industry to transfer power from a driving unit to f.i. a pump or aggregate. Due to his elasticy this coupling can take more misallingment.

POWER RATINGS (all executions)

- high flexibilty
- cushions shock loads
- reduces vibrations
- fully machined flanges
- dynamic balancing not required
- phosphotised or blackodised metal parts
- permits straight edge alignment
- no lubrication required
- interchangeable coupling parts
- easier assembly on account of outside ring
- practically no downtime or maintenance costs

- the power ratings are based on nominal torque values
- maximum torque values only apply to temporary overload
- temperature range: -40° upto +120° C.

Misalignment correction capability:
- angular 4°
- parallel 1,1 upto 3,2 mm
- end float 1,3 upto 4,0 mm

Tyre Couplings Table

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