Combimounts PS en PC


The PS en PC Combi Mounts are vibration absorbing Machine feet. These two products have their own positive points. De PS Mount accepts high load and high deflection. The PC mount combines less assembly height with a relatively heigh deflection. The movements are limited in three directions.


These mounts are used in mobile. land- and vessels/boats. Special in favor under diesel engine, generator- and pumpssets and ventilators.

Type PC
These Mounts are suitable for a wide variety of equipment. The PC Mount is low in profile, compact in size. Height adjustment features available if required. The concept guarantees a total movement control.

Type PS
These Mounts consists of 2 Sandwich Mounts housed together in a specially designed iron casting.In case the Mounts cannot be bolted rubber friction pads could be applied. The loading is in shear as well as in compression.

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